Scratch Brushes

Hand-held abrasives ideal for metal clean-up work

Clean up your metal surfaces with the help of hand-held steel bristled brushes in different sizes, designs and configurations. Choose from scratch brushes that come with wooden or plastic handles. With bristles that are made with stainless steel or carbon steel, use these handy tools to buff small areas, clean off welds and many more.

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Hand-held scratch brushes are great for cleaning and deburring small areas.

When power tools are not ideal for a job, turn to these hand-held scratch brushes to do the trick. Remove uneven welds on surfaces, scratch off paint or remove rust easily with these tools. With a little elbow grease, you can be sure that cleaning up metal surfaces where power tools cannot be used is an easy deal. Choose from different brush designs like shoe-handle, straight handle and curved handle brushes.