Duct Tapes

Use duct tapes for stronger, long-lasting adhesion that’s resistant to weathering

Duct tapes are your adhesive of choice when your maintenance and repair needs call for heavy duty and highly durable tapes. Duct tapes are recommended for packaging, sealing, patching, splicing, holding, protecting, color-coding, plumbing, and even HVAC repair. Seton's variety of duct tapes have outstanding tensile strength, are highly flexible, adhere to any surface, and are resistant to delamination, tearing, heat, moisture, and weathering.

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  • Polyken® - Multi-Purpose Duct Tapes

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  • Polyken® - Nuclear Grade Duct Tapes 681375


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  • Nashua® - Multi-Purpose Duct Tapes

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Use tear-resistant polyethylene duct tapes for higher durability and superb tape performance

If you need heavy duty tapes that will adhere to any product under any conditions, use polyethylene duct tapes that stick to any surface. These durable tapes are resistant to heat, moisture, weathering, tearing, and delamination. Seton's premium duct tapes are recommended for use on HVAC repair, plumbing, packaging, and other maintenance and repair applications.