Electrical Tapes

Keep people and property safe from electrocution, electric shock, and power-related hazards

One can never be too careful when handling anything related to electricity. Choose only the best electrical tapes for all your electrical and mechanical needs. Seton electrical tapes have excellent adhesion and elongation properties. These also come with moisture-tight, elastic backing, and are made with pressure-sensitive, rubber-based adhesive. Choose from our lineup of heavy duty electrical tape products that are resistant to abrasion, moisture, alkaline, corrosion, and ultraviolet light.

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Keep your electric wires and gadgets safe and hazard free with electric tapes

Electricity-related maintenance and repair jobs can be done safely and free from shock hazards with Seton's selection of electrical tapes. By using high performing electrical tape products that deliver reliable strength and protection, you help keep yourself and everyone else from the possibility of electric shock accidents. Get all the premium, heavy duty electrical tapes you need only from Seton!