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Protect your high-value packages by sealing your boxes tight and strong

Boxes and packages in transit or even on storage are vulnerable to damage and pilferage. Protect and strengthen your packages from risks of manhandling and abuse by sealing them with a highly durable packaging tape. Seton's acrylic and polyethylene packaging tapes provide instant sealing, and seal well even in cold, damp conditions and even on recycled fiberboard. Our tapes are so durable they are resistant to splitting and tearing!

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Keep your packages safe from shipping damage and pilferage with packaging tapes

Properly and adequately seal your packages prior to shipping or storage. Bear in mind that your packages should not only reach their destination or last for a certain period of time, but that they should survive transit or storage in one, perfectly working piece. Make this possible with heavy duty, premium packaging tape products from Seton.