Chain & Cable Lubricants

Long-lasting and reliable chain and cable lubes for loosening rusted nuts and bolts

Use high quality and easy-to-use chain and cable lubricants in keeping your equipment properly maintained. These easily visible lubricants provide superior metal penetration to reduce friction and wear. Our chain and cable lubricants are also rust and corrosion resistant and ideal for use on copper, steel, aluminum, and metal surfaces.

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Remove squeaking and glazing with Seton's belt dressings and conditioners.

Seton's selection of well formulated belt dressings is proven effective in extending your machine's belt life by preventing premature wear. These products are highly recommended for farm machinery belts, round or "V" belts, and for all types of industrial belts. At Seton, we only carry brands from the industry's most trusted manufacturers of belt dressing lubricants.