Dry Lubes

No-mess and no-stain dry lubes for all types of surfaces

Dry lubes are powder materials that form a barrier between surfaces to protect your equipment from dust, rust, dirt, and corrosion. Usually quick-drying chemicals, dry lubes leave no traces and flakes and are perfect for glass, vinyl, wood, rubber, plastic, and most metals. These dry lubricants are highly resistant to water, acid, chemicals, and extreme temperature.

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  • Sprayon® - Dry Moly Lubes


    12 Cans/Case

  • Crown - Dry Film Lubricants


    12 Cans/Case

  • Crown - Dry Graphite


    12 Cans/Case

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Use these efficient dry lubes to reduce your clean up labor time and costs.

Seton offers a wide range of dry lubes to enhance your equipment’s protection without mess and stains. Our quick drying and highly effective lubricants are suitable for any industrial applications. From dry film lubricants, silicone lubricants, graphite lubricants, and other related products – you can find it here at Seton.