Highly efficient starting and cutting fluids for superb quality

Whether you are having trouble with your engine or you are looking for an efficient cutting fluid, we have it. Our starting fluids are suitable even for the most challenging engines. We also have cutting and tapping fluids with high performance lubricating ability to protect your machines from galling and seizing.

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  • LPS® - Tapmatic® Edge Creme Cutting Fluids 43100


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  • Pyroil - Starting Fluids



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  • LPS® - Tapmatic® AquaCut Cutting Fluids 1216


    Case of 12 Bottles

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  • LPS® - Tapmatic® Edge Lube Cutting Fluids 43200


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Seton's starting and cutting fluids are efficient even on the most powerful and challenging machines.

Seton offers the most effective and highly reliable starting and cutting fluids. Our starting fluids are specially formulated to minimize battery drain while quickly starting your engines. We also have a wide selection of cutting and tapping fluids that are excellent for low-speed and high pressure applications.