Multi-Purpose Lubricants

Lubricate and penetrate even inaccessible areas with these multi-purpose lubricants

Multi-purpose lubricants provide complete surface protection. Specially formulated from the best chemical ingredients, these lubricants are suitable for metals, rubber, plastics, and wood. Get these effective multi-purpose lubricants for added corrosion protection for your equipment.

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Loosen up rusty bolts, screws, and other engine parts with Seton's multi-purpose lubricants.

Seton offers the most trusted brands of multi-purpose lubricants. Manufactured from a combination of fastest and most penetrating solvents, our products are effective in shielding your equipment from rust and corrosion. Check out Seton's line of all-purpose penetrants, premium lubricants, industrial lubricants, wrench lubricants and other lubes.