Precise lubrication with multi-purpose oil

Manufactured from superior thread-cutting lubricants, our oil products are efficient in reducing rust, varnish, sludge, and acids. These products are excellent lubricants suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous machine operations, wood, plastic, and most metals.

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  • Markal® - Zoom Spout® Oilers 79704


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  • Sprayon® - Cutting Oil Lubricants S00208


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  • CRC - Food Grade Machine Oils 3081

    Case of 12 Canisters

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Use these multi-purpose oils from Seton to reduce rust, heat, and corrosion.

Lubricate and protect your equipment with Seton's line of multipurpose oils. We carry the industry's most trusted brands of air tool oils, food grade machine oils, multi-purpose oils, and cutting oils. Effective in most types of metals, wood, and plastic, we guarantee you precise lubrication and long tool life.