Silicone Lubricants

Multi-purpose silicone based lubricants for all types of surfaces

Silicone lubricants are non-staining and non-corrosive formulas suitable for metals, rubber, plastic, and wood surfaces. Silicone lubes have excellent lubrication and temperature viscosity characteristics that are ideal for high pressure and high temperature applications.

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Get these non-sticking and waterproof silicone lubes for excellent lubrications.

Seton's high-quality silicone lubricants from the industry's most trusted brands are ideal for heavy industrial applications. We offer high performance food grade and heavy duty silicone lubricants with anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties to minimize friction and sticking. Silicone lubes leave a long-lasting film that protects most types of surfaces. CHoose from well-known brands such as Loctite, LPS,CRC and Sprayon.