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Get error-free measurements of component thickness and internal and external diameters using dynamic yet sturdy calipers and dividers

Some component parts are just impossible to measure precisely using typical tape measures or gauges. In tough-to-measure applications, calipers and dividers can be handy tools in measuring. Seton offers digital and spring-type inside and outside calipers that feature flat-stock legs, flexible bow springs, automatic-closing and quick-adjusting spring nuts, rack and pinion mechanisms, hardened fulcrum studs, and measuring position memory.

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Extremely flexible yet sturdy calipers and dividers available at Seton
In measuring component parts inaccessible to typical scales, the use of calipers and dividers with adjustable, pivoted legs can come in handy. For this type of maintenance and repair application, Seton offers a selection of outside and inside calipers, and digital and dial calipers made from high-grade and non-hazardous materials and packed with features that you'll ever need from calipers and dividers.