Feeler & Pitch Gauge Sets

Get precise measurements with easy-to-use feeler and pitch gauge sets

These feeler and pitch gauge sets are ideal for all precise leveling and measuring applications. Featuring an easy grip holder, the blades are etched with decimals and millimeter size measurements. With these products, we guarantee accurate measurements for all your mechanical needs.

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  • Proto® - 25 Blade Master Feeler Gauge Sets


    25 Piece/Set

    Easy Reorder Eligible

  • General Tools - Feeler Gages



    Easy Reorder Eligible

  • Proto® - 25 Blade Long Feeler Gauge Sets


    25 Blades/Set

    Easy Reorder Eligible

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Ensure accurate measurements with Seton’s feeler and pitch gauge sets.

Seton’s collection of feeler and pitch gauge sets will help you save money on unnecessary repairs due to inaccurate measurements. These feeler and pitch gauge products are designed for highly precise measurements for all mechanical applications.