Radius Markers

Draw perfect circles in all sizes with foldable yet sturdy radius markers

Circles are a tricky shape in the hands of novices. Draw perfect circles like a pro with precision tools like radius markers. Seton offers rust-proof aluminum radius markers for long lasting use. Choose a set size from Mini to Jumbo and draw the right circle size you need. The radius markers are foldable yet sturdy, and pocket-sized for ultimate portability -- carry a set in your maintenance and repair tool box anytime, anywhere!

Creating small to large perfect circles is easy with your own set of foldable radius markers from Seton

Drawing perfect circles with the exact size you need is easy with Seton’s radius markers. Made from rustproof and lightweight aluminum, the marker’s arms are precisely aligned with friction joints for sustained accuracy and rigidity. This measuring and leveling tool comes fully assembled and ready to use upon delivery. Each radius marker comes with a soapstone crayon readily installed but can be used with either a soapstone crayon or a pencil.