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Seton offers carpenters and machinists squares that include combination squares, T-bevels, rafter squares, try squares, magnetic squares, layout squares, and multipurpose squares. Check perpendicularity of edges and board ends, measure widths or thicknesses of boards, create side and edge markings, check material flatness, and create perfect squares with Setons collection of durable and easy-to-read squares.Check material flatness, measure short distances, ensure correctness of right angles, and more with multipurpose squares

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Do more than draw accurate squares with Seton’s multipurpose carpenter’s and machinist’s squares

Engineered for multiple functionalities, Seton’s multipurpose squares can serve as framing square, protractor, try square, miter square, saw guide, and line scriber all in one durable, rust-proof, and hazardous-material-free square tool. Carpenter’s, machinist’s, and multipurpose squares from Seton are simply your best buy for your maintenance and repair tool collection.