Casters & Floor Locks

Transport equipment easily

Move equipment around your warehouse and facility with Casters & Floor Locks from Seton. Choose from Steel Casters, Rubber Casters, Glass Filled Nylon Casters and more.

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  • Mold-On-Rubber Casters

    From $19.80 To $31.20
  • Hard Rubber Casters

    From $9.20 To $10.90
  • Poly-On-Steel Casters

    From $28.30 To $48.90
  • Steel Casters

    From $27.70 To $51.30
  • Glass Filled Nylon Casters

    From $31.30 To $85.60
  • Phenolic Casters

    From $122.20 To $127.20
  • Poly-On-Poly Casters

    From $18.00 To $24.20

Grid List

Casters & Floor Locks are available from Seton.

Caster come in a variety of materials fro various surfaces. Choose from Mold-On-Rubber Casters, Steel, Glass Filled Nylon, Poly-On-Poly, Side Mounted Floor Locks and additional options.