Drum Transporters

Easy transport of drums

Drum Transporters allow you to easily and efficiently transport Drums around your facility. Choose from Fork Truck Drum Carriers/Rotators, Automatic Eagle Beak, Fork Mounted Poly Drum Handlers and more.

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  • Fork Truck Drum Carriers/Rotators

    From $858.00 To $2,860.00

  • Drum Grippers

    From $331.80 To $491.90

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Metal or plastic drums are heavy, cumbersome and unwieldy.

Drum Transporters can help. Seton offers a selection of Drum Transporters to help your workers move drums around your warehouse, manufacturing plant or facility. Choose from: Multi-Purpose Overhead Drum Lifter/Wrench, Economical Mechanical Drum Transporters, Automatic Eagle Beak, Drum Grippers and others.