Carts and Trucks

Enable employees to move merchandise and inventory easily around the stock floor

Carts and Trucks allow for quick and easy transport of inventory or stock shipments by warehouse employees. Platform Trolleys and Plastic Trolleys push easily on caster wheels and are intended for industrial use. Work Height Platform Carts and Hydraulic Elevating Carts help to reduce the strains of lifting and bending.

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  • Work Height Platform Cart

    From $642.80 To $922.00
  • Hardwood Platform Trucks

    From $294.80 To $382.70
  • Portable Steel Hoppers

    From $936.70 To $1,057.20
  • Shelf Truck



  • Multi-Tier Stock Cart

    From $356.10 To $495.40
  • Plastic Trolleys

    From $178.00 To $204.90
  • Rolling Service Stock Carts

    From $389.80 To $455.40
  • Hardwood Dollies

    From $61.40 To $76.60
  • Polyethylene Dollies

    From $99.10 To $129.90
  • Refuse Bins



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Have wheels will travel!

Carts and Trucks enable the workers in your facility to transport all types of tools and equipment.

Carts and Trucks help reduce the strain of carrying heavy items across the manufacturing or warehouse floor. Seton has an assortment of carts and hand trucks for your facility, including the following: Curb Ramps, Aluminum Treadplate Platform Trucks, Polyethylene Dollies, Quickslot Security Units, Portable Steel Hoppers and others.