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Cover and protect shipments, stock and inventory

Film Wrap is an important part of the shipping or storing process, as it keeps stacked pallets and shipments from toppling over. StretchFilm, Pallet Sheets-on-a-Roll, Cast Stretch Wrap and Colored Stretch Wrap gets the job done and can be easily applied with Stretch Wrap Film Dispensers and Stretch Wrap Gripper Handles.

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To keep stacked boxes and packages that are loaded onto a pallet from falling over, it pays to envelop them in Flim Wrap.

Seton is your home for Film Wrap and Dispensers to aid in the shipping of your products. Your shipping and receiving department could certainly benefit from Stretch Wrap Kits, Goodwrappers Identiwrap Stretchfilm - Double Stack, Black Opaque Stretch Wrap, Pallet Cover Sheeting On A Roll and more.