Document Holders

Protect important documents and papers on display from water damage and other weather-related effects

Document Holders are a unique way to keep highly important papers, maps, plans and other information on display for all to see. Changeable Message Holders, Notice Holders and Magnetic Holders are just a few of the options offered by Seton to properly protect important documents from water, dirt, grime and grease.

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  • Evacuation Plan Insert Holder

    From $82.53 To $127.05
  • Emergency Evacuation Map Holder

    From $103.00 To $130.50
  • Notice Holders

    From $87.60 To $115.10
  • GHS Safety Data Sheet Station

    From $139.95 To $149.50
  • GHS SDS Binders

    From $29.95 To $65.55
  • Evacuation Map Holder

    From $117.90 To $181.50
  • SDS Economy Stations and Kits

    From $97.25 To $125.05
  • Contour Aluminum Sign Frames

    From $37.10 To $94.60
  • Steel Racks

    From $64.35 To $81.95
  • Magnetic Vinyl Holders

    From $38.80 To $54.60
  • Seton Shop Ticket Holders

    From $30.80 To $90.40
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If you need to post documents, papers and more around your building or facility, invest in a variety of Document Holders, available at Seton.

Document Holders can protect and shield important documentation from moisture, stains, rips and tears and more.  Protect photos, notices, signs, announcement, shop tickets and much more. Choose from Fire Marshals Emergency Frame, Notifier Message Strip, Emergency Evacuation Map Hold, Neon Shop Ticket Holders and many more.