Provide employees with storage and keep your warehouses uncluttered

Lockers are a space-saving form of organization for office employees or factory workers. ADA Lockers, Plastic Lockers, Steel Lockers, Aluminum Lockers and Tennsco Lockers provide simple storage, while Clear Door Secure View Lockers provide see-through storage for extra security.

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  • Aluminum Cylinder Lockers

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  • Tennsco Lockers

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  • Steel Lockers



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Lockers aren't just places for highschoolers to store their books!

Lockers are a smart and convenient way to store items in your warehouse. You can choose to have employees store their personal items or work wear in a Tennsco Locker. Or, you can have them store specific equipment or tools in a lockable locker.

Seton carries ADA Lockers, Aluminum Cylinder Storage Locker and more.