Mats & Carpets

Provide work areas with traction, comfort and support

Some Mats and Carpets provide one function, while others offer a combination of benefits. Mats and Carpet are durable, increase productivity through traction and add comfort and support. Choose from industrial Mats and Carpets and even get a safety message or logo inscribed on your Mat or Carpet.

Mats Buying Guide

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  • Corrugated Runner

    From $444.50 To $860.30
  • WorkSafe®

    From $8.00 To $151.10
  • Indoor Wiper Mat

    From $38.40 To $179.50
  • Needle Rib Entrance Mat

    From $60.80 To $120.80
  • Outdoor Scrape & Clean Mat

    From $38.40 To $179.50
  • Comfort King Anti-Static Mat

    From $83.40 To $192.10
  • Diamond-Plate with Gritworks!®

    From $118.50 To $361.80

Grid List

With the right combination of Mats & Carpets from Seton, your workers won't injure themselves on slippery or slick floors.

Mats & Carpets help workers and others walk across the floor of your facility without the danger of slipping and falling. Mats and Carpets also provide a cushion for the feet which prevents tired legs and backs. Choose from our wide selection of various Mats and Carpets of different sizes materials and thicknesses. We offer: 24/Seven Seven® Anti-Fatigue Mats and Ramps, Corrugated Switchboard Matting, Rejuvenator® Connect, Comfort King Mats, Safety Slogan Carpet Mats and more.