Entrance & Office

Scraper Mats are tough and abrasive to help aggressively remove dirt, mud, grime and snow from the soles of  shoes. Scraper Mats are made for either indoor or outdoor use. Wiper Mats are made with carpet or fiber surfaces to remove dust, dirt and moisture from shoes.

A 3-fold system to clean shoes with Scraper and Wiper Mats

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  • Standard Carpet Mats

    $123.20 - $273.50
  • Economy Carpet Mats

    $82.40 - $191.60
  • Needle Rib Entrance Mat

    $60.80 - $120.80
  • Heavy Duty Carpet Mats

    $149.10 - $307.40
  • Indoor Wiper Mat

    $36.50 - $170.90
  • Heavy Duty Multi-Guard

    $48.90 - $132.00
  • Corrugated Runner

    $444.50 - $860.30
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Entrance & Office Mats and Carpets are tough, durable and made to take the pounding.

These Entrance and Office mats and carpets are generally placed in entrance foyers, lobbies and other areas where workers or visitors enter your facility. Choose from the following types: Heavy Duty Multi-Guard, Super Soaker Diamond Entrance Mats, Glow Hog Safety Floor Mats, Economy Carpet Mats and others.