Work Station

Work Station Mats provide comfort and traction for employees and protect floors from heavy traffic. Work Station Mats include Corec Ribbed Runners, Comfort King Mats, Anti-Slip Tiles, Stat-Zap Carpet Mats and many more. ADA Mats and Eyewash/Shower Mats are also available to properly mark emergency equipment in work station areas.

Provide comfort for employees who stand for periods of time

Mats Buying Guide

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  • Fingertip Scraper Mat

    $53.50 - $156.20
  • Coruggated Switchboard Matting

    $1,360.50 - $3,226.90
  • WorkSafe®

    $8.00 - $151.10
  • Comfort King Mats

    $63.30 - $153.10
  • Stat-Zap Carpet Mat

    $78.40 - $3,628.90
  • Industrial Worksafe®

    $156.60 - $276.10
  • Rejuvenator® Connect

    $56.40 - $268.40
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Work Station Carpets and Mats should be placed in areas where your workers are standing for prolonged periods of time.

When a worker stands in one place while performing their duties, they are subject to sore feet and legs, as well as back problems. The installation of Work Station Carpets and Mats is a great way to provide extra padding for the feet and enhanced comfort for the worker. Seton offers Comfort King Mats,  Custom Corec Ribbed Runners - 2' wide,  Anti-Slip Tiles and more.