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Our Latex Paint comes in 3 colors and is great for marking curbs, traffic lanes and parking lots. For short -term projects you'll want to use Marking Paint. Seton offers an air powered, hand pump striper, a striping machine, hand-held paint gun, and a marking wand. Paint Marking pens and Spray Paints are also available.

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Whether you need to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls or floor or have specific paint marking needs, Paints & Applicators from Seton will help you get the job done. Spruce up the floors, walls or ceiling. Mark certain areas or sections of your facility with various colors for coding purposes...the options are many. Paints and Applicators are available in the following:
Temporary Paint Marking Products, Rust Oleum Anti-Slip Aerosol, GP-X Valve Action Markers, Air Powered Hand Pump Striper and more.