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Wireless Scanners

Conveniently scan asset data over different locations in the facility

Wireless barcode scanners are useful in situations where using a cabled device could lead to a damaged device, or restrict employee mobility and access to the items being scanned. By means of radio frequencies or Bluetooth technology, these devices work similarly to cordless phones in sending information to a dock or station attached to a computer. And, with a variety of capacities from a few feet to considerable distances, these barcode readers afford users extensive convenience. Many wireless barcode scanners are also designed to function with laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Customers can choose from among Seton’s range of selections.

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  • TSL 1128 RFID Scanner

9 Products

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Wireless Scanners offer users a convenient and reliable means of capturing asset data. Most of the time, human errors can result from clerical inaccuracies, misreadings, and a wide range of other mistakes. Manual procedures, for instance, require clerks to spend considerable time and effort examining packages with identification information and data that may not be keyed properly. Wireless barcode scanners significantly reduce the process of reading and keying identification numbers to simply pointing the device at the barcode, with the additional convenience of increased mobility. Employees can track asset data with ease, even in difficult or specialized locations. And since the asset data is transmitted directly to the central computer, the information is almost immediately available.

Maximize workplace productivity with Seton’s Wireless Scanners!

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