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Asbestos Signs

Asbestos signs remind people to keep safe around Asbestos

Asbestos can be a very dangerous mineral, especially when it is being processed. This is reason enough to put up Asbestos Signs in areas where it is being used or stored. These danger signs remind people that only properly trained and fit personnel can handle the materials in the area, and even then only if they don appropriate safety gear. We have a number of signs on hand including OSHA complaint signs and more. Each of the signs come with a variety of wording to ensure that you get the ideal safety sign for your needs. So go check out our Asbestos signs and create a safer working environment today.

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Asbestos signs tell employees to keep safe in asbestos processing areas

Asbestos is used for a number of industrial processes as well as in various items. However, handling this dangerous mineral without proper protective gear can have terrible consequences such as Asbestosis, Asbestos warts, Pleural plaques, Diffuse pleural thickening, and Pneumothorax. With this in mind, it has become important to put up warning signs to prevent this from happening. Asbestos Signs not only inform people about the presence of asbestos but also reminds workers to put on appropriate gear when working.

An asbestos sign for every situation

At Seton, we carry a multitude of asbestos warning signs such as OSHA compliant signs and standard signs. A number of the safety signs come in different sizes and materials such as aluminum and plastic. If the area where the sign will be placed is not well lit, you can find reflective variants of signs which are perfect for situations such as that. Be sure to pick the right wording for the sign by browsing over our selection, so you can impart the exact message you want. That said, secure your facility today and pick up an Asbestos sign!

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