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Barricades are essential in maintaining the safety and security of motorists and pedestrians

Barricades are the unsung heroes of safety. They keep people away from possible dangers in the work place as well as prevent them from venturing too close to road job sites that use heavy machinery or from accident sites. These temporary demarcations are quick and easy to put up and effective at warning people, even from a distance. Like most safety devices, it is important to put this in locations that are easily visible. You can put these barricades some distance away from any hazard since these are tall enough to be noticed by most motorists on the road and people on foot. Choose from a number of options that are available here, such as A-frame barricades, plastic folding barricades and vertical panel barricades, to name but a few.

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Barricades are a quick way to keep people from accidents

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and barricades are a quick way to quarantine danger zones from passersby. Traffic barricades are pretty commonplace, and having these handy devices around can help direct motorists around roadwork and heavy machinery. In office spaces and warehouses, barricades can be used as a way to keep people from newly mopped floors that haven’t dried yet or stairways, elevators, and escalators that are being worked on.

A barricade in every form, for every situation

Barricades come in a variety of types so it’s just a matter of finding the right one for the situation. General warnings for smaller areas can usually be handled by A-frames, while Tensa barriers would be perfect for larger indoor areas that need to be cordoned off. For blocking off roads, you’ll probably want to get barriers with reflective stripes or a light so that it is visible even during dusk or in the evening. If you happen to use barricades a lot, you might want to consider Stack-and-Store barricades, which are very space efficient and very easy to store. As a final reminder, don’t forget to pick up some reflective tape to use with your barricades. These tapes may come in handy and are very useful with your barricades, should you require the need to mark off areas during an emergency or for other purposes.

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