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Bump Signs

Inform motorists of speed reducing road bumps ahead

Notifying motorists of any changes in the road significantly helps reduce the possibilities of accidents in the area. Installing speed bumps as well as Bump signs from Seton can help you lower the possibility of accidents due o speeding. Speed bumps are put in place to force motorists to reduce their traffic speeds. These are often seen in school zones and residential areas. Without Speed Bump signs, drivers would be unaware of the presence of speed bumps ahead and won’t be able to slow down in time. This lack of information can cause accidents and may damage vehicles. Installing these signs not only reinforces your efforts to prevent such incidents from happening, but also keeps you in compliance with government regulations.

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Prevent any damage that these speed reducing road blocks can cause

When motorists drive faster than they should and are met with speed bumps and other similar speed reducing elements on the road, accidents are very possible. Reduce the possibility of such accidents from occuring with the use of Speed Bump signs. Although speed bumps are designed to slow down speeding vehicles, not all drivers notice these in time to reduce speed. Driving right over these speed bumps can cause damage to a car and injury to its driver and passengers, essentially defeating the purpose of installing these speed bumps. Let motorists know that speed bumps are ahead with these Speed Bump signs from Seton.

Make sure that drivers have time to slow down before reaching a speed bump

While it is true that driving fast over speed bumps does not cause as much damage as with speed humps, damage and injuries are still possible. There should still be an indicator that tells people where speed bumps are located and at what speed they should be driving when they go over these bumps. Ideally, Bump Ahead signs should be placed 30 feet before the bump, and another sign should be placed right beside the bump. You can maintain a high level of safety along your facility’s roads and driveways by installing the best Speed Bump signs for your needs, here at Seton.

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