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Caution Children At Play Signs

Inform people and motorists of children playing in the area

Children tend to become victims of car accidents because they tend to rush out into streets without taking heed of traffic or oncoming vehicles. Protect children in your area and prevent such accidents from occuring with Seton’s Caution Children At Play signs. Many neighborhoods are designed to allow for easy driving with wide, straight roads and available parking on both sides. This also means that, with such open areas for vehicles to access, and houses being near these roads and areas, children playing in these neighborhoods are most likely to run into the street without warning if a close eye is not kept on them. To lower the possibility of accidents due to this, motorists should always be reminded of the possibility of children playing running into the sreet. Use Caution Children at Play signs and prevent children from getting hurt.

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Keep children from potential vehicular accidents.

There are a lot of reasons why Caution Children at Play signs are necessary. A huge number of children aged 6 to ll often forget that vehicles are on the road, and this usually happens when they are at play. Due to this, and their relatively short statures, children often run into the street without being noticed. Furthermore, children have not yet developed the ability to accurately judge the speed and distances of cars. This sometimes makes them risk getting a stray toy in the road even when they see a vehicle coming, thinking it is too far off or too slow to get to them before they can get back to safety. These signs put the responsibility of looking out for these children in the hands of the driver behind the wheel, making him or her slow down and be on the lookout for children on the road when they enter these areas.

Reinforce restrictions necessary to keep children safe.

Speed is one of the major factors that determine the severity of injuries caused by vehicular accidents. Another is attention (or lack thereof) of the driver. Because of this, school zone signs, speed limit signs and other reminders are installed. These signs can be used to help keep drivers alert and to slow down their speeds in order to minimize the risk of a child being hit by their vehicles. These restrictions remind drivers of the need to exercise extreme caution and always be on the lookout for children.

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