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Deer Crossing Signs

Avoid deer-vehicle collisions with a Deer Crossing Sign

Every year, 200 deaths and over 1.1 billion dollars in property damage have been attributed to deer-vehicle collisions or DVCs. If your facility is near a deer habitat, then you probably know first-hand how much of a danger deer can be to motorists. Protect motorists on your roadways by installing Deer Crossing signs where needed. By augmenting your existing traffic signs with Deer Crossing road signs, you can rest easy that motorists are adequately informed and safe from accidents. These Deer Crossing signs tell motorists to be careful even on seemingly uninhabited roads and will lower DVC rates around your facility. So start saving lives by investing in well-placed Deer Crossing signs.

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Lower vehicular accidents in deer populate areas with well-placed Deer Crossing signs

According to studies, deer vehicular accidents have cost motorists more that 30 million dollars per year in Wisconsin alone. Not to mention the over 100 fatalities in different states caused by these incidents as well. The most common countermeasure that institutions have been using, which has been found to make a significant impact, is the use of Deer Crossing signs. When properly placed, these crossing signs have been scientifically found to lower accident rates in the area. It is also significantly cheaper than other solutions like fencing and roadside reflectors.

Deer Crossing signs are specifically engineered to prevent accidents during high risk situations

Most deer-vehicular collisions occur near sunrise, sunset and at night. A combination of low visibility, increased deer activity, and motorist traffic are often cited as reasons for these findings. The first two factors cannot be controlled, however we can urge our motorists to be more careful via our reflective crossing signs. Our selection of Deer Crossing signs includes engineer grade reflective aluminum and high intensity reflective aluminum variants. The reflectivity of these signs is perfect for the low-light conditions motorists will be driving in. With careful placement, these Deer Crossing signs provide drivers with ample time to slow down and prevent a potentially expensive and sometimes fatal accident.

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