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Diesel Labels

Prevent fires and burn injuries by properly marking flammable liquids

Diesel, which is used by countless industries across the country, is one of the most flammable chemical substances aruond. Anyone who works with this substance is exposed to any number of health risks, accidents and potential injuries. Keep people safe from these potential hazards with the help of Diesel Stickers from Seton. You can’t be too careful when handling a liquid with a flash point of 200 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Accidental spills involving diesel can lead to serious damages and possibly fatal injuries. Make sure that people are always aware of this by properly marking containers and equipment that store or use diesel fuel. Choose from our extensive range of diesel labels to suit your needs.

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  • Hazard Warning Labels - Danger Diesel Fuel

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When it comes to flammable liquids, never leave safety to chance.

Where does the use of Diesel Stickers come in handy? Storing and transporting diesel, as with other types of combustible substances, must be done according to the proper safety regulations. This ensures that the task is accomplished quickly, efficiently, and with as little possibility of risk. Because of this, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has implemented standards for safely transporting and storing diesel fuel. One such requirement deals with proper labeling. This is where diesel labels and stickers come in. Make sure that your facility stays in compliance with such rules by using Diesel Stickers from Seton.

Make sure your facilities have adequate labeling materials for all their labeling needs.

Regulations require that storage containers of flammable materials be properly identified. For diesel containers, labeling that shows the word ‘Diesel’ should be posted on every tank, and container. Warnings and identification labels should also be placed on all pipes that carry these flammable materials. To make these stand out, these warnings must be placed as far as possible from other markings, and on areas with sharply contrasting backgrounds.

People should always be informed of any dangers that are associated with the materials that they handle, especially if these substances are as flammable as diesel fuel. Make sure that people in your facility are never caught unawares by using Seton’s diesel stickers where these are needed. Our range of stickers comes in different shapes and sizes, designed for use on various surfaces. Choose the best options for your needs today.

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