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Emergency Exit Signs

Evacuation plans should begin with properly marked exits using Exit Signs

Exit Signs are a must for pointing out the proper exit routes to take during emergencies. Implement your facility’s safety protocols with Seton's emergency exit signs. Prevent panic and confusion by providing proper guidance during emergencies with LED Emergency Exit signs. To further reduce unnecessary accidents and injuries, you may choose any of our photoluminescent exit signs. Luminous signs are made with glow-in-the-dark materials, eliminating the need for a separate power source. This is crucial in preventing people from getting lost or trapped in the premises when electricity is out. Whether it’s along hallways and stairwells, Seton’s exit signs are designed to ensure the overall safety of your facility.

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Visible Exit signs are a must for identifying the proper exit route to take

Facilities are required by law to install appropriate emergency signs along staircases, exit paths and similar locations. Relying on existing lights and backup generators to mark out these areas is not a good idea. Actual emergency events have shown that this can, in fact, worsen crisis situations.

For instance, during the Northeast blackout of 2003, many generators lost power within an hour from when the electricity went out. Numerous factors contributed to this failure. One major cause was that main generators experienced a power surge, which caused a voltage drop. Other generators were under maintenance. When the power went out, people had to make their way out of buildings without adequate guidance. As a result, individuals ran into each other and stumbled on steps, resulting in serious injuries. The situation could have been less injurious if Exit signs were in use.

Effectively guide people to safety during emergencies with Exit signs

Mark out your establishment’s emergency exit routes with Seton’s Exit Signs. Our Exit signs are designed to provide people with exit directions even without optimal lighting. Help people find their way out during crisis situations while speeding up emergency response efforts. Keep evacuations safe and organized with the best Emergency Exit signs from Seton.

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