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Gasoline Signs

Gasoline signs keep people informed of the presence of gasoline

Gasoline signs are very important when storing gasoline. Certain procedures have to be followed to prevent people from accidentally causing a fire or even mistakenly ingesting the liquid. Picking the right sign, as well as the number of signs you will need, is very dependent on the amount of gasoline being stored and the location of the storage facility. If it is a dedicated storage area, it would be wise to invest in a few weather resistant signs to place outside to make sure that people entering the area realize the potential danger of the area. For indoor areas, check with local authorities on what signs are advisable and what standards these signs have to follow.

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  • Gasoline GHS Sign

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  • Danger Signs - Gasoline No Smoking

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  • Chemical Signs

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  • 1203 Gasoline - DOT Placards

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  • Gasoline 3 D.O.T. Placards

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Gasoline signs keep your facilities, visitors and workers safe

Gasoline is a very dangerous liquid that can cause immense property damage and even death. It is also an important component in a variety of hazardous substances as well, including Thermite and Napalm. Because of the inherent danger this substance possesses, it is important that warning signs are posted in locations where this is stored. Gasoline signs stop people from bringing in substances that might react to the gasoline, either setting it aflame or creating a compound that is more dangerous and more volatile. These signs also help people take better care in not doing anything that may produce sparks or ignite flames that can cause such a substance to flare up.

How to properly use Gasoline signs and Danger signs

These Danger Gasoline signs are so easy to use, these can easily lull you into a false sense of security. You must remember, there are still a number of things you need to keep in mind in order for these signs to be really useful. Properly mount your signs both inside and outside the facility you are planning on putting the gasoline in. Make sure to have these signs visible from every possible viewing angle and at the entrance to the area. If you expect people to be working at night, keep these signs properly illuminated. Finally, it might not hurt to have a few more extra warning signs some distance away so people will know to put out their cigarettes or not bring other spark producing items into the general area well before they reach the danger zone.

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