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Hard Hat Signs

Conveniently prevent serious accidents from occurring in the workplace

Employers are required by law to ensure that their workers are wearing hard hats in their respective work areas. This includes construction sites along roads, shops, and other outdoor locations. Because of this, signs that display these regulations must be posted at these worksites. Provide your facility with Hard Hat Signs from Seton. Make sure that your employees are equipped with hard hats that meet OSHA specifications. These hats protect them from potential head injury that could result from falling objects, flying debris, or other forms of impact. Comply with hard-hat regulations by posting OSHA safety signs and prevent your establishment from becoming liable to federal penalties and lawsuits. Choose the best signs for your needs from Seton’s range of safety sign options.

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Make sure that your facility remains compliant with safety regulations.

According to the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA), wearing hard hats could protect employees from up to 90% of head injuries they could encounter in their respective jobs. Because of this, OSHA mandates that hard hats to be worn in specific workplace conditions. Remind your workers of this fact with hard hat area signs.

Provide your employees with notifications and safety warnings regarding the proper use of hard hats.

Head protection equipment are manufactured with a shape and construction that specifically protects the worker against the type of risks that are present in construction sites. They come with a hard shell that provides impact protection, and their shape is designed to deflect falling or flying debris. Inside the hats are suspension bands that reduce the shock resulting from impact.

As such, there is a proper way to wear hard hats. Letting it just sit at an angle, or wearing it tilted down on the crown of the head, defeats its purpose. Hard hats should be fitted properly on the head, covering the hair to prevent it from getting in the way or snagging on some object or other.

Employees need to be aware when they are required to wear the necessary head protection. Make sure to supply them with the necessary notifications to keep them safe from harm. Provide your facility with the appropriate Hard Hat Signs from Seton.

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