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Hydrogen Signs

Hydrogen signs keep your facility safe from harm

Hydrogen, makes up a large amount of our universe although we only have trace elements in our atmosphere. When present at 4% to 75% volume, this chemical is highly flammable and can be set alight by as little as sunlight. With that in mind, it is prudent to have Hydrogen Signs anywhere you store this chemical. These signs are not only mandatory in some areas, it will also ensure that people are well aware of the dangers in the vicinity and not do anything that could cause a fire. That said, pick up some hydrogen safety signs and secure your facility today!

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  • Danger Signs - Hydrogen

    Starting at $8.34
  • Hydrogen Truck and Tank Signs

    Starting at $15.10
  • Danger Sign: Hydrogen Peroxide

    Starting at $17.95
  • Hydrogen Peroxide - GHS Chemical Labels

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    Pack of 5 Each
  • Danger: Hydrogen Sulfide Sign

    Starting at $17.95
  • Chemical Signs

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  • Chemical Labels


Hydrogen signs mark storage areas and facilities where the chemical is stored or processed

Hydrogen can be very dangerous if not properly handled. Considering that it is flammable in concentrations as low as 4% volume, putting up signs informing workers of its presence should be pretty much mandatory as a safety precaution. At Seton, we carry a variety of Hydrogen Signs including some with OSHA standard headers. We also have various pipemarkers and even some signs for trucks and tanks.

Properly placing your hydrogen signs for maximum effect

Of course just purchasing your safety sign isn’t enough. You’ll need to properly place the sign around the area where hydrogen is being stored or used. It’s best to place your sign in a highly visible, well-lit area that people will have to pass through. It might also help to have signs in the area itself to serve as a reminder to workers of the potentially dangerous chemical they are handling. Ensure that the signs you place are properly mounted so that it doesn’t fall off in case it is accidentally jostled. Finally, keep your sign clean and make sure that it is always legible. The moment it stops being readable, be sure to purchase a replacement immediately.

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