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No Cell Phone Signs

No cell phone signs help keep information and equipment safe.

No cell phone signs have become more common over the last few years. This is due to the fact that everyone has a cellular phone nowadays. While this trend means easier communication between two people, it does have its drawbacks. Certain types of equipment can be affected by cell phone signals. For some companies, such as those that deal with sensitive data such as credit card information and other personal details, cell phone use presents an obvious security risk. For both situations, No Cell Phone signs would certainly help increase the security levels of your facility. These types of notice signs are perfect for announcing this kind of security policy to visitors and employees alike, so go check out our selection of signs today.

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No cell phone signs keep facilities secure

No Cell Phone signs are fast becoming a necessity as cellular phone mass-market penetration increases. While no one can doubt the usefulness of owning a cellphone there are a variety of locations where restricting their use is not only a good idea but can benefit your operations. Places such as customer support areas are a good example since cellular phon signals can cause an interference to people making and taking calls. Another area where cellphones might not be advisable are locations where sensitive data such as personal details and credit card information are stored because it’s all too easy to leak these information via a mobile phone.

Making your no cell phone signs work

No Cell Phone signs on their own won’t do much. However, with proper enforcement and providing people with ways to follow your company's no cell phone policy, it becomes a very valuable tool for your organization. When putting up your no cell phone sign, be sure that there is a secure place for visitors and employees to drop off their phones. In addition, it is important that visitors are personally reminded by their host that cellular phones are not allowed in the facility. While this seems like a lot of trouble at first, it will quickly become second nature to your employees with these security signs providing a constant reminder that this policy is in effect and important.

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