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No Pet Signs

No Pet Signs from Seton keep workers and animals safe from harm

We love our pets and want them with us wherever we go. The sad fact is that there are some places where they aren’t allowed because it isn’t safe for them or the humans in the area. With that in mind, No pet signs from Seton ensure that the policy of not having pets around is visible for all visitors. This prevents any potential conflict between staff and visitors or clientele who want to bring their pets to your establishment. That said, it also lowers potential liabilities in case someone does bring a pet into the premises which directly or indirectly causes harm to a person or to operations. So what are you waiting for, go pick up a No Pets Allowed Sign for your office today!

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No Pet Signs stop people from bringing their pets into restricted areas

Pet Control Signs are a necessity today as more and more people are bringing their pets with them wherever they go. While this is acceptable in some locations, certain establishments do not have the appropriate facilities to take care of pets. In addition, some places such as restaurants and other similar establishments have hot dishes which when spilled accidentally by a pet may cause burns and potential lawsuits. These No Pet Signs help circumvent these potential problems by informing customers that your establishment is not equipped to handle pets.

Proper No Pet Signs placement is key to maximizing it

Proper placement of no pets allowed signs is key in getting the most out of it. Be sure to put them in a highly visible location, preferably near if not on the entrance way to your facility. This allows people to take the necessary steps to comply with your policies. Otherwise, you might want to post the sign where everyone can see it such as on a counter or near the menu. Needless to say you might also want to make sure that the sign is properly mounted to avoid having to remount it regularly not to mention have to deal with the occasional customer who didn’t see the sign because it was on the floor instead of on the door.

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