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Telephone Signs

Show people where public phones can be found and where cellphones can be used

Help people find your facility's phones during emergencies with the use of Telephone signs. These signs come in both ADA and non-ADA compliant choices, and in different mounting options. Also, with cell phones becoming rather commonplace and indispensible to people around the world, restricting usage can be very troublesome if there are no signs that tell people of such rules. Inform and guide people regarding areas where cellphones are not supposed to be used with the help of any of our No Cell Phone signs. These Telephone signs come in many different variants and with or without headers. Choose from our wide variety of signs here at Seton for your varying needs.

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  • Telephone & ATM Signs - Phone

    Starting at $60.90
  • Cell Phones Use Prohibited Sign

    Starting at $18.99
  • Cell Phone Free Zone Signs

    Starting at $18.99
  • Voluntarily Cell Phone Free Signs

    Starting at $18.99
  • No Cell Phones Symbol Sign

    Starting at $8.10

Maintain and implement the proper use of telecommunications services.

The presence and use of cellphones are now a major aspect of society. What once were considered business tools are now key instruments for mainstream communication these days. People now depend on them for work, research, entertainment, and other uses. Nevertheless, there are times when using a cell phone is improper, impolite, or even dangerous. This is where Telephone signs come in. Restrict the use of these phones by posting No Cell Phone signs wherever needed. Places like hospitals and other areas that use sensitive equipment tend to restrict cellphone used since these emit radio frequencies. As such, since equipment are vulnerable to disruption or malfunction when cell phones are in use nearby, the use of these signs are necessary.

Show people where they can find phones in your building

Restricting cell phone use can sometimes be detrimental if an emergency occurs and no mobile phones are on hand for use. Help people find phones they can use for these emergencies with the use of Telephone signs that show people where your building's public phones can be found. Install these signs in easy to see locations and ensure that people have a way of contacting emergency services with the use of these very same phones. Choose from signs that are compliant with ADA standards and other non-compliant variants for your needs.

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