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Tow-away Signs

Notify people of tow-away zones in your property

Illegal parking is a hassle to motorists and pedestrians alike. Because of this, towing away illegally-parked vehicles is employed as a means of reinforcing the proper parking protocols. Warn motorists of tow-away zones in your area with Tow-Away Signs from Seton. Towing away illegally-parked cars can turn into a difficult and unpleasant business, especially when drivers claim they did not know they were in a tow-away zone. Posting the proper tow-away parking signs not only keeps people informed of the parking policies in your area, but also keeps you from being liable to lawsuits. Inform people of the penalties involved with illegal parking. Install the proper towing signs for your needs.

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Make sure to install the proper signs on your property.

Tow-away Signs help minimize traffic as well as safeguard security the area. Because of this, there are certain requirements that these signs should follow. For instance, tow-away Signs should be installed in plain view at entrances to any area where tow-away rules may apply. Ideally, they should be located within 5 feet from public access points. This is to ensure that motorists are informed well before they enter the area.

Follow the proper requirements for tow-away Signs.

Because of this, you should also make sure that the sign is positioned at driver’s eye level. The bottom edge of the tow-away sign should be at least five feet from off the ground, and not higher than eight feet. The text should also be clearly readable. Some states specify that the letters should measure around 1 inch to 4 inches in size. Once-inch sized letters can be read at 50 feet away, while 4-inch sized letters can be read from 200 feet away. Almost all states require the sign lettering to be accompanied by a contrasting background.

Sign size requirements vary by state. In general, however they should not be less than 18 inches by 24 inches.

Post the proper tow-away no parking signs in your facility. Choose the best tow-away sign options from Seton’s range of signage products.

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