• Forklift Safety Facts: Education and Training are Key


    If forklifts are in operation in your facility, it’s imperative that you keep workers using those forklifts, as well as those who work in the same area as the forklifts, safe from injury.

    The National Safety Council (NSC) recommends that employers provide training and certification to workers who operate forklifts.

    That training should be comprehensive and include a wide range of topics, such as:

    • Operating instructions, warnings and precautions for the types of truck the operator will be authorized to operate
    • Differences between lift trucks and automobiles
    • Steering and maneuvering
    • Visibility
    • Vehicle capacity
    • Vehicle stability
    • Vehicle inspection and maintenance requirements
    • Operating limitations

    Employers also need to:

    • Ensure forklifts are operated by authorized employees who have been specifically trained on safe operating procedures and hazard recognition.
    • Ensure the operators of sit-down forklifts wear the safety belts provided as part of the operator protection system.
    • Educate workers about hazards related to cell phone distraction while driving and establish a policy for use of wireless devices and cell phones in the workplace.

    Do you already have a training program in place for forklift operators? What else do you think would be helpful to ensure that all employees are safe?

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