• 5 Steps to a Safe and Compliant Warehouse

    Warehouse Safety

    Want to improve warehouse worker safety at your own business? Follow these five steps from Seton to establish effective warehouse safety:

    1. 1. Protect Against Slips, Trips & Falls
      Slips and falls are responsible for about 40 percent of reported workplace deaths. Take advantage of anti-slipping safety products – such as matting – to avoid becoming part of that statistic.
    2. 2. Get Organized
      The more organized your warehouse, the smoother your operation will be. Use floor markers and warehouse signs to give workers guidance around your facilities.
    3. 3. Make Forklift Safety a Priority
      Forklift incidents account for roughly 100 worker deaths and 20,000 workplace injuries annually, and come with five and six-figure fines each time. Prevent that from happening at your company with safety mirrors and forklift alert systems, which warn employees when there’s a forklift nearby.
    4. 4. Protect People from Hazards
      Prevent workers from colliding with equipment, racking, cables and columns with warehouse protectors and guards. Doing so will protect your people as well as your facilities!
    5. 5. Build a Culture of Safety
      Your employees should prioritize safety on a regular basis. Consider adding a workplace safety program to promote an effective safety culture among your staff.


    From floor markers and warehouse signs to safety mirrors and forklift alert systems, Seton has all the products you need to keep workers safe in your warehouses. Just give our team of professionals a call at (877) 859-2155 or visit Seton.com to find safety solutions for every challenge.

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