• 10 Signs and Labels for OSHA Compliance

    OSHA compliance

    According to OSHA’s Specifications for Accident Prevention (29 CFR 1910.145), employers must indicate and define potential hazards around the workplace. Safety signs and labels are easy and effective ways to communicate warnings and maintain OSHA compliance.

    Here are the top 10 common workplace safety signs and labels for OSHA compliance:

    1. Exit Route Signs
      According to OSHA, emergency exits and evacuation pathways must be clearly marked at all times. If you have doorways or other passages that could be mistaken for exits, make sure they’re identified as well. All authorized EXIT signs must be visible and illuminated (by a light source or self-illuminating feature), and use distinct colors. Signs must clearly read “EXIT” in letters no less than 6”(H) x ¾” (W).
    2. Fire Safety Signs
      Identify areas that house fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets. Doing so will ensure fast action by emergency personnel and properly trained employees during an emergency scenario. Plus, hanging the right signs is essential for compliance with OSHA.
    3. Electrical Hazard Signs and Labels
      Arc flash accidents can be extremely hazardous or deadly in some cases. Because of that, OSHA requires organizations to designate high-voltage areas in their facilities and mark them accordingly using proper signage. According to NFPA 70E-2012, switchboards, meter socket enclosures, panelboards and motor control centers need to be marked with arc flash labels during maintenance.
    4. Machine Safety Labels
      Help employees stay alert when working around heavy machinery or other equipment that could result in personal injury.
    5. Confined Space Signs
      Warn employees about areas that require authorized permits or specific instructions to enter safely.
    6. Lockout Labels
      Lockout, Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Labels are eye catching and made of durable vinyl that won’t fall off. Use these adhesive-backed electrical labels on any curved or flat surface (for example, fuse or switch boxes), or anywhere large signs don’t fit. Electrical labels are available with different wordings and bilingual languages (English/Spanish) and in several different sizes.
    7. Chemical Safety Signs
      Chemical hazard signs help communicate warnings, relevant information and locations for safe disposal of chemicals, as well as spill response and cleanup procedures. Try to ensure your signs are NFPA 704 or OSHA compliant, too.
    8. GHS Labels
      GHS Pictogram labels help identify hazardous items in your facility.
    9. Protective Wear Signs
      Protective wear signs help your workplace comply with OSHA, ANSI and other safety regulations by promoting best practices for personal safety. Plus, you can choose from several sizes and materials including aluminum, steel and plastic to meet your application.
    10. Forklift Signs
      Remind employees to stay alert and watch out for forklifts around your facilities.

    In addition to our high-quality, OSHA-compliant safety signs, Seton is proud to offer businesses Workplace Sign Reviews to help ensure they have the signs they need to safe and in compliance. With this on-site service, organizations receive:

    • A facility inspection based on your safety concerns
    • A customized report on improvements needed
    • Assurance that you’re keeping workers safe

    For only $1,500, you can check to make sure you have all the signs you need to stay in compliance with OSHA. Keeping in mind the minimum fine from OSHA is currently $12,675 (as of Jan. 13, 2017) per violation, Seton’s Workplace Sign Review should be a no-brainer! Have questions about workplace safety or OSHA compliance? Give us a call at (877) 859-2155 today!

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