• 4 Factors to Pick Out Pipe Markers and Valve Tags

    Pipe Markers and Valve Tags

    Though it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about workplace safety, identifying the various pipes and valves in your plumbing system is essential to keeping individuals safe and ensuring you are in compliance at all times. That said, there are four main factors to consider when choosing pipe markers and valve tags, according to ANSI/ASME Standard A13.1-2015:

    1. Size
      It’s possible — more often than not, likely — you’ll need different sized pipe markers and valve tags, depending on your project. Make sure you pick out pick markers and valve tags that are visible and easy to understand. There are also size stipulations when it comes to the height and width of the lettering, so be sure you keep that in mind as you’re choosing your pipe markers and valve tags.
    2. Color
      Use different colors to identify the different contents inside your pipes and valves. Failing to do so can be hazardous to both people and surrounding property. ANSI/ASME Standard A13.1-2015 actually requires pipe markers to be color-coded based on what they contain. Below is a chart you can use to help you determine which colors are appropriate for your pipes (and their markers):
      Color Chart: Pipe Markers and Valve Tags
    3. Quantity
      Before you place an order for pipe markers and valve tags, you should know the exact number of pipes need to be marked for your project. Luckily, Seton’s Pipe Marker Calculator makes it easy to figure out! Simply enter the number of:

      • Walls, ceilings and floors your pipes will travel through
      • Bends
      • 2- and 3-way valves
      • T-joints
      • Feet of pipe and feet preferred between markers
        and VOILA! You’ll know how many pipe markers you need to complete the job.
    4. Wording
      Pipe markers do you — and your employees — little good if they’re labeled incorrectly. Make sure you identify what’s inside every one of your pipes by selecting the right wording for your markers. If you can’t find the right wordings from any of our stock pipe markers, fear not! It’s easy to create the custom pipe markers to meet all your specific needs.


    From pipe markers to valve tags, Seton has everything you keep all your workers safe, regardless of what’s inside your pipes. Just give our team of contractor specialists a call at (877) 367-7732 or visit Seton.com to find safety solutions for every challenge!


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