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Convex Safety & Security Mirrors

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Quick Overview

Promote safety and bring accidents and injuries in the workplace down to zero with safety mirrors! Check out Seton’s extensive selection of industrial safety and security mirrors and find out which best suits your facility’s needs!

Product Details

  • All the guidance you need is provided below. If you need further assistance, please call 1-855-548-8108 and one of our product experts will guide you to the safety and security mirror you need. You can also check out our entire offering of safety mirrors here.
  • Why buy safety mirrors? For one, safety and security mirrors help keep an eye on employees and reduce theft and wrongdoing in the workplace. They also help employers comply with necessary inspections while allowing management to monitor employees at work. More importantly, safety mirrors figure a great deal in avoiding accidents and injuries around blind aisles and corners. This is quite important particularly in warehouses where heavy-duty equipment are in use most of the time, and collision can prove fatal.
  • Which convex mirror is right for you? Here are the different types and sizes of convex mirrors that you might want to pay attention to:
  • Full-Dome Mirrors - With a 360° viewing angle, full-dome safety and security mirrors are ceiling-mounted and offer full visibility at 4-way intersections.
  • Half-Dome Mirrors - Perhaps the most popular when it comes to dome mirrors, half-dome mirrors provide 180° visibility and are ideal for T-intersections in aisles and hallways. They can be mounted on walls or ceilings.
  • Quarter-Dome Mirrors - Mounted on walls or ceilings, quarter-dome mirrors offer a 90 viewing angle and are the best choice to see around corners in hallways and corridors.
  • Round Convex Mirrors - Round mirrors provide a 160° viewing angle and feature a unique ball-swivel mount for mounting flexibility for multiple applications.
  • Rectangular Convex Mirrors - Rectangular mirrors are the choice if you need a wide angle 160° viewing area for area with low overhead clearance. Like the round convex mirrors, they also feature a ball-swivel mount for maximum adjustability.
  • How about the material? Acrylic safety mirrors are the most popular, primarily due to the fact that they are lightweight and shatter-resistant, making them perfect for all industrial and non-industrial application. Glass mirrors, on the other hand, are scratch-resistant and offer the best clarity.
  • Still need help? Call us at 1-855-548-8108 to learn more about our convex safety and security mirrors.


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