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Flexible Delineators

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Quick Overview

Flexible delineators are guidance devices that provide protection & visibility in multiple settings. Whether used for delineating roads or redirecting pedestrians & motorists, improve safety now with Seton’s MUTCD compliant flexible delineators.

Product Details

  • All the guidance you need is provided below. If you need further assistance, please call 1-855-548-0164 and one of our product experts will guide you to the right solution.
  • Delineator information: According to MUTCD 3F.01, delineators are guidance devices used in locations where traffic flow may change unexpectedly or confusion might occur. Delineators offer advantages over other notification devices in that they typically remain visible in harsh conditions such as during heavy rains and snow accumulation. Our MUTCD compliant flexible delineator offering meets the requirements of multiple settings including parking lots, highways, work zones, construction sites and more.
  • What performance level are you looking for? Seton’s flexible delineators come in three performance levels, each suitable to your specific traffic control needs. Economy level flexible delineators are used for light traffic and/or low speed environments such as bike lanes and parking lots (MTBF: 10 hits at 55 mph). Performance level flexible delineators are ideal for medium traffic and/or high speed environments such as city streets, highways, parking lots, and certain construction work areas (MTBF: over 75 hits at 55 mph). High performance level flexible delineators are optimal for heavy traffic and high speed environments like interstates and highways (MTBF: 80 hits at 70 mph).
  • What shape do you need? Round top flexible delineators are appropriate in environments where 360 degree visibility is important for safe navigation and traffic has greater maneuverability (i.e. parking lots). Flat top flexible delineators are useful in environments where traffic is more constrained and risk of higher impact speeds exist (i.e. highways).
  • What are your color options? Orange delineators are most commonly used in construction areas while yellow and white delineators are typically used for traffic flow guidance.
  • Height and reflectivity: Seton’s complete assembly-hinged flexible delineators are available in 30", 36", 42" and 48" heights. All performance and high performance level flexible delineators come with two 3" high intensity reflective sheeting while economy level flexible delineators are available with and without the reflective sheeting.
  • Mounting: Flexible delineators come with assembly pins and bases which can be mounted easily using pre-cut thermo pads (heat with torch and apply) or epoxy (use standard caulking gun) which are sold separately.


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