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JUSTRITE 3-Gal Stl Drn Can Plt Stl Wd Mouth Funnl 10903

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Product Details

  • Everything you need to know to reduce accident risks when handling flammable and combustible liquids is provided below. If you need additional information or assistance, please call 1-800-243-6624 and one of our product experts will help you choose the best products for your needs.
  • We carry the best and trusted industry brands!
  • Justrite® and Eagle Manufacturing are the industry’s leading manufacturer of safety cans and chemical storage equipment. Our vast range of products includes top-of-the line safety cans, oily waste cans, bio-hazard waste cans, bench cans, and drain cans.
  • All containers that we carry here in Seton have passed OSHA and NFPA Code 30 standards on safe storage of flammable liquids. These are all FM and UL approved too!
  • Container types and choices.
  • Keeping your facility safe doesn’t have to be a very daunting task. However, with everything that the market is currently offering, it’s easy to lose focus on your specific needs. Here’s a quick guide on different types of safety cans and functions.
  • Do you need dispensing containers?
  • Type I and Type II safety cans are used for transferring, filling, and dispensing liquids. Type I cans have one opening that functions for both filling and dispensing. Typically, Type I cans are recommended if you’re filling containers with large receiving openings.
  • Type II safety cans, on the other hand, have two openings. One opening comes with a lever used for filling and a second opening with flexible metal hose for dispensing. Type II cans are better used for filling containers with smaller openings because the attached metal hose allows a more controlled liquid flow to avoid spills.
  • In addition, there are more unique and brand-specific Type II cans with enhanced functionality. Type II AccuFlow™ safety can from Justrite® introduces a patented and easy-to-use Safe-Squeeze® trigger for a smooth and glug-free liquid flow.
  • Looking for collection containers?
  • If your line of work includes dealing with different flammable and combustible liquids, proper collection and disposal of waste is a must. Seton carries Drain Cans, Oily Waste Cans, and Bio-Hazard Waste Cans to ensure the safety of your workers.
  • Drain Cans are used to safely collect accumulated liquid waste. These are designed with a wide-mouth funnel to catch all liquid without spill and mess. Made from plated steel, drain cans have built-in flame arrester to dissipate heat and prevent fire risks.
  • Oily Waste Cans are used to collect and isolate solvent-soaked rags and wipes for disposal. Improperly discarded cloths soaked in thinner or other flammable liquids may pose a serious fire risk. Hence, the need to segregate and store these materials that are highly subject to spontaneous combustion.
  • Bio-Hazard Waste Cans from Eagle Manufacturing are specifically designed to prevent worker exposure to bloodborne pathogens. These are available in red with a biohazard label and symbol for instant recognition. Made from high-density polyethylene, these won’t rust or dent for years of use.
  • Do you need cleaning containers?
  • Cleaning and swabbing equipment parts with flammable or volatile fluids may pose a risk when improperly done. Bench cans provide a safe way to wash and dip small parts in solvent. Featuring a spring-loaded dasher plate in an easy press-and-agitate mechanism, the can would dispense a small amount of liquid for cleaning spill-free! Even better, these bench cans are equipped with flame arrester to prevent combustion.
  • Size and capacity options.
  • Depending on application types and workplace requirements, Seton will provide the most suitable safety cans for you! We carry 1-pint to 21-gallon cans to fit specific needs. A 5 gallon red safety can is the most popular seller in the marketplace.
  • Typically, Type I and Type II safety cans can accommodate up to 5 gallons. A 5 gallon safety can is the most popular seller in the marketplace. Oily and Bio-Haz waste cans are good for up to 21 gallons to make more room for disposed rags and cloths.
  • Color-coding required?
  • In most cases, color-coding is essential for Types I and II safety cans. As these gas cans are mainly used for refilling and dispensing, it’s important to organize and identify liquid contents to prevent accidental mixtures. Red is for flammable liquid like gasoline and is currently the most widely used choice in the industry today. Other colors available for safety cans are Yellow for diesel, Blue for kerosene, and Green for oil combustibles.
  • For bench cans, drain cans, and waste cans, color-coding isn’t necessarily a big deal. High-visibility Red and Yellow are popular choices to make your cans standout and be conspicuous at all times.
  • What material should you pick?
  • Type I & II safety cans, drain cans, and bench cans are all available in durable steel construction. These are all leak and spill-proof for added security and come with flame arrestors to prevent fuel combustion.
  • Oily and Bio-Haz waste cans are available in both steel and high-density polyethylene construction. Steel waste cans are fire-resistant and works perfectly to seal off the container and prevent chemical reactions that may lead to fire. Waste cans in plastic material are good for rust and dent protection. Plus, the HDPE construction is highly resistant to most chemical compounds.
  • Maintain a safe workplace and get the best safety cans in the industry today! For a wider selection of products, click here. You can also call us at 1-800-243-6624 for immediate assistance and inquiries.


Capacity: 3 gal
Color: Red
Includes: Unit Only
Manufacturer Part Number: 10903
Material: Steel
Trade Name: Justrite®
Type: Drain Can

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