Solutions for Safer Schools

Your School is the Heart of the Communities Future

Our Education customers keep students, staff and facilities safe and secure at all times using our expert solutions. You’re shaping the minds of tomorrow. We’ll protect them today.  

Seton has expertise in keeping schools safe in the areas of Traffic & Parking, Access & Security, Hallway Safety, Classroom, Science Labs, Workshops, Restrooms, Gymnasiums, Cafeterias, Playgrounds, Athletic Facility, Facilities and Maintenance, Threat & Emergency, Computer Labs. Trust Seton for Safer Schools.

Resources for Every Step of the Way

Our solutions are suited for complex processes and facility environments that need specialized products for every step of the supply chain–as well as the departments that serve them.  

Traffic and Parking

School safety starts before you walk in the door. Our products guarantee to organize the traffic flow and parking areas of your school for maximum safety and security.  Keep both drivers and pedestrians safe by securing your parking lot and developing drop-off and pick-up points.

  • Traffic Management, Traffic Signs, Parking Signs, Pavement Marking, Parking Authorization, Crosswalk Safety Equipment, Crosswalk Signs

Access and Security

Access and security product safeguard your ground, parking lots, access points and facilities. Help visitors stay safe while ensuring every vehicle in the parking lot and each person in the building is identified and authorized.

  • Access & Security signs & Labels; Badges, Wristbands, Lanyards & Holders; Log Books & Forms; Locks & Key Rings; Metal Detectors; Parking Authorization


Use signage to communicate school rules and ensure teachers are prepared for emergency first aid situations outside of school buildings.  Promote a fun, safe and secure playground environments.

Product Solutions:

  • Playground signs; First Aid

Athletic Facilities

Encourage students, faculty, and staff to enjoy your school’s athletic facilities without suffering an injury.   Promote a safe, secure and enjoyable environment in your school’s athletic facilities

Product Solutions:

  • Pool Signs; Field Marking Supplies; Safety Signs


Keep your facility safe, organized and easy to navigate with hallway and corridor signs, nameplates, plaques, lockers and floor safety products.  Keep the hallway environment safe, and easy to navigate.


Product Solutions:

  • Anti-slip; Restricted Activity Signs;’ Wayfinding & Marking; Lockers & Combination Locks; Food Allergy Signs


Protect students, staff and school visitors with added safety and security measures inside every classroom.   Keep your students safe in the classroom.

Product Solutions:

  • Door & Window Security; Restricted Activity Signs; Food Allergy Signs; Handheld Label Printer & Supplies

Science Lab

Mark hazardous chemicals, provide protective equipment, and be prepared for accidents and mishaps in dangerous lab and stock science areas. Promote a safe learning environment with product that instruct, warn and protect student and teacher in science labs.


Product Solutions:

  • Safety Signs; Spill control products; Personal protective equipment; Chemical Labeling; LAB Handheld label printer and supplies


Use the appropriate signage and protective equipment to keep students and educators safe in dangerous areas.  Keep Students safe and informed during technical workshop classes.

Product Solutions:

  • Safety signs; Personal protective equipment; Handheld label printer & supplies


Clearly mark restrooms, and remind students and staff of proper hygiene.  Clearly and properly mark your school’s restrooms.

Product Solutions:

  • Restroom signs; Biohazard cleanup; Housekeeping signs


Reinforce safety and security rules in physical education settings and during sporting events to limit the occurrence of injuries at school.  

Product Solutions:

  • Gym & Locker room signs; Floor marking


Identify slipping hazards and post information about policies that will keep students and staff safe at all times, even during lunch. Make your school cafeteria an enjoyable gathering place for students, faculty and staff while keeping it clean, organized and compliant with health standards.

Product Solutions:

  • Cafeteria signs; Floor safety mats; Food Allergy Signs; Handheld label printers & supplies

Facilities & Maintenance

Promote school safety while ensuring your school stays compliant with all regulations. Keep your facility and grounds functional and safe.

Product Solutions:

  • Electrical & Equipment safety; Anti-slip; Lockout/Tagout; Personal protective equipment; facility signs & labels; Chemical, biohazard & hazard signs & labels; Housekeeping & Hygiene; Label Makers, printers and supplies

Computer Lab

Protect valuable assets, and create a safe and vibrant learning environment for everyone. Teach students how to take advantage of the latest devices used in a technology-first world.


  • Bring in Asset Identification Assets – SAM

Product Solutions:

  • Electronics Asset Management

Environmental Issue Resources

Threat & Emergency

Find the products and solutions you need to handle all types of emergency scenarios, from security threats to emergency weather evacuations. Be ready to respond to any emergency that your school might face.


Product Solutions:

  • Door & Window security; First Aid; Weather Event Safety; Evacuation Safety; Air Horn; Two-way radios; Megaphones; Fire Safety

Best Practices For De-energizing Equipment

If the potential exists for exposure to hazardous energy or stored energy that has not been released/dissipated, employers must ensure that the employee(s) take proper steps to prevent injury from exposure to that energy. Proper lockout procedures save lives of workers working on or near locked out machinery. View a sample of our standardized Lockout Procedure Template to create your own procedures.

Lockout/Tagout (29 CFR 1910.147)

Read about lockout procedures including downloadable digital resources

Discover our line of lockout labels

Discover our line of lockout tags

Get the explanation of the lockout/tagout standard

Discover our line of lockout signs

Use this Lockout/Tagout OSHA Standard Checklist

View our most popular videos on Lockout/Tagout

Enhancing Building Systems Identification

Security is a system just like fire, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, etc. Seton carries a wide variety of pipe marking products which are fully compliant with current ANSI/ASME standards as well as customizable to meet the specific needs of your projects.  

Fire Sprinkler Identification

Mechanical System identification

About Customization

We customize solutions to suit your unique equipment and production environment, enabling you to get the right message out to your workers no matter how dirty, grimy, harsh or otherwise unconventional it is. There are many ways to customize your products. Among the most popular are:

  • Size and color specifications to meet ANSI regulation standards
  • Language options to serve non-English speaking workers
  • Directional communication matching the layout of your facility 
  • Logo and imaging options for further brandingDiscuss your specific needs with a Seton expert, who will start crafting your solution and get you back to work safer sooner.

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