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Finding the Right Label for the Job

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Labels play a substantial role in the safety and efficiency of your workplace and contribute to your brand’s visibility. A quick, easy application will inform your employees on proper handling of harmful chemicals, create instant awareness of hazardous situations, protect your shipments from mishandling, or put your brand into clients’ hands. But with so many materials, adhesives, and custom options to choose from, how do you find the right product? In this series, we’ll find the labels that meet your company’s specific needs so you can save money, keep employees safe, and get the job done.

Hazardous Situations

Labels save lives! They also help you comply with safety regulations, warn employees about potential hazards and promote a safer workplace in general. Display important safety information in the places it’s needed most with OSHA and safety labels, designed to grab attention and efficiently communicate through color-coded hazard levels and bold text. Custom Safety Labels have you covered for highly-specific hazards that need individualized attention.

Label Chemicals and Substances

Keep your facility in compliance and workforce informed with HazMat & chemical labels for drum identification, waste disposal, and chemical storage. Right-To-Know labels provide an extra level of protection with a rating system for flammability, health risks, instability, and specific hazards. Universal pictograms make Globally Harmonized System (GHS) compliant labels the safest choice for multilingual workforces, while also providing detailed hazard, precautionary, and first aid statements so important chemical information is always right where it’s needed. To learn more about GHS compliance click here.

Shipping and Material Handling

Labels protect fragile or perishable shipments and keep warehouses organized. Advanced label applications like Tip-N-Tell even show how a package was handled when it arrives at its destination. Apply colorful shipping dots for immediate instruction or identification, or use fluorescent upgrades and larger pallet labels to maximize visibility. With options like color-coding and pre-numbering, removable and permanent adhesives, you can build the ultimate inventory system.

Custom Labels and Decals

Get your company information out into the world with Custom Labels & Decals. Specialty gloss and metallic finishes give a consistent and professional look to all of your materials. There are labels for any environment with glow-in-the-dark or weatherproof substrates that provide the ruggedness and staying power you need without compromising appearance. When in doubt, blank labels give you the flexibility to write your own on the spot.

Contributed by Betsy Stout, Merchandising Associate at Seton

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