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Does OSHA Allow Hard Hat Labels & Stickers in the Workplace?

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Construction workers wearing hard hats and celebrating

Anyone in the safety industry knows how important it is for workers to wear hard hats in potentially hazardous work environments. They protect the head from falling objects as well as bumps, scrapes, burns, and even electrical shocks. What if hard hats could also motivate employees to work hard, stay safe, and show off their awards or certifications? With the addition of fun and informative hard hat labels, they can!

Are Hard Hat Labels OSHA Compliant?

This, however, brings up an important question: does OSHA allow hard hat stickers and labels? The answer isn’t a simple “yes” or “no”. According to OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.132(a), PPE must be “…maintained in a sanitary and reliable condition…” [Emphasis added.] The specific requirements for head protection (protective helmets) are outlined in 29 CFR 1910.135, which incorporates by reference American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z89.1-1986, Z89.1-1997, and Z89.1-2003.

Hard Hat Inspections

To ensure hard hats maintain said “reliable” conditions, always inspect them for signs of dents, cracks, and penetration. Note any damage due to impact, rough treatment, or wear that will reduce the original degree of protection as well. 

Labels may interfere with electrical resistance and potentially conceal damage that would be otherwise easily identifiable during the employee’s inspection. Always apply labels according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The only exception to this rule is if the employer demonstrates that the altered protective helmets are as effective as those meeting the requirements of Z89.1.

OSHA will allow the placement of stickers on hard hats when the manufacturer authorizes the alteration. The employer will also need to prove that the PPE cannot be affected by the adhesive on the stickers. Once these actions are complete, a variety of labels can be placed on workers’ hard hats.

Find Hard Hat Labels for Your Team

Seton’s hard hat labels share important safety information and motivate your employees to stay safe on the job. We offer numerous stickers to add to your team’s hard hats, including the following:

Equipment Certifications

Reward employees with new stickers that display their machinery certifications.

3532D – Certified Aerial Lift Operator Labels
VC1448 – Certified Forklift Driver Labels
VC1456 – Certified Manlift Driver Labels

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Encourage employees to identify that they’ve received their COVID-19 vaccine.

24157D – I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine Labels
24154D – I Got My COVID-19 Shot Labels
ML20921 – COVID-19 Vaccine I Got Mine Labels

Safety & Accident-Free Goals

Motivate your team to stay safe while on the job and recognize those who take steps to avoid workplace accidents.

ME5018 – 100% Safe and Proud Labels
3583D – A Safe Attitude Labels
28965 – No Accidents Safety Pays Labels

Whether you’re looking to increase morale or spread the word about your team’s safety accomplishments, Seton has a wide selection of OSHA-approved hard hat labels to share with your workforce. Visit our website today for adhesive labels that will last in nearly any work environment. Custom labels are also available to feature your company name, logo, and text.