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PPE 101

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Personal protective equipment or PPE is any kind of equipment that protects your body from injury while working. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have regulations about what to provide or rules to enforce. Here are just a few of the protections required.

Protect Your Head
Head injuries are serious and potentially fatal. OSHA asks that employers provide this kind of safety equipment for all its employees who work in situations where there is a possibility of a head injury. Comply with hard hats, face shields and headgear and welding helmets.

Protect Your Eyes
According to ANSI, you should use a second protection like a face shield in addition to the main protection for your eyes. This includes ANSI Z87.1 approved safety glasses or goggles. View this video to comprehend why this sort of double safety is so important.

Protect Your Hands
Hands can be exposed to so many hazards. OSHA wants employers to choose and require the right kind of hand protection for the situation. Luckily there is a glove for almost any situation. Chemical-resistant gloves safeguard the skin from absorbing a harmful substance or receiving a chemical burn. Cut-resistant gloves prevent injuries like cuts, lacerations, abrasions and punctures. Heat-resistant gloves resist extreme temperatures up to 400° F.

Protect Your Feet
OSHA also has something to say about employers ensuring workers to protective footwear where there is danger of foot injury (1910.136(a)). Such situations would include falling or rolling objects, objects that could pierce the sole, and electrical, chemical and substance hazards.

Contributed by Elizabeth Cotnoir, Merchandising Associate at Seton

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